Requirements and desirable characteristics for technical equipment in Craniofacial Superimposition

In close relation the technological means employed must also be considered. If these do not fulfil some basic requirements they can be part of the problem, generating errors and/or introducing more uncertainty. In contrast, they can provide an invaluable support when they incorporate, together with those requirements, some desirable features that help to reduce errors, uncertainty and the time employed. While the requirements list is intended to be a complete list of features that all the equipment have to fulfil, the desirable features should be considered an open list that can increase in line with the new research advances in the field.

Type / name Requirements Desirable features
3D scanner or CT scanner Precision ‚ȧ 1mm Capture of texture information
Software for landmark location Tool to locate landmarks in a single pixel Tool to locate landmarks in a region
Software for performing the skull-face overlay Show landmarks
Transparency mode
Tools to rotate, translate and scale the 3D skull
Tool to properly Project 3D skull on 2D
Wipe mode
Simultaneous interaction with 3D skull and the AM photograph
Software for assessing the skull-face relationship Transparency mode Show landmarks and contours
Wipe mode
Tool for measuring Euclidean and Surface distances between points or perimeters
Tool for marking line sor contours

Tabla 1. Requirements and desirable features for a computer-assisted superimposition (3D skull model-2D face image).